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"Always Find Time For Things That 

Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive"

Dr. Molly Barrow

Psychotherapist, Author

Executive Director

Tele-Therapy Counseling via Telephone/Facetime
and Skype

Therapy Sessions for Individuals, Family,
Children & Marriage Counseling
with Dr. Molly Barrow
(Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author and Relationship Expert) 
For Appointment:
Call 239.250.1150 or  


Dr. Molly Barrow

Dr. Barrow earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor and educator in private practice for twenty years. The author of Matchlines for Singles, Step Parenting Essentials, Matchlines Tests and the Malia & Teacup adventure series for middle school children, Dr. Barrow is a relationship expert helping individuals, couples, families and businesses improve their relationships and communication skills. Her commentary and advice column, quotes, and articles are enjoyed worldwide in O Magazine, Psychology Today,, New York Times,, Progressive Radio Network,, and Women’s Health. MH2319

Children, Adult & Family

Dr. Barrow's practice focuses on individual therapy, marriage and family counseling, relationships,  women's issues, children and teens, step parenting, trauma,  ADHD & PTSD.

Children's & Adult Books

Dr. Barrow is the author of self-help relationship books for adults, and the Malia and Teacup series of adventure stories for middle-school children, with a focus on self-esteem building .

IMAGINE Children's Health Center

As Executive Director and founder of IMAGINE Children's Health Center, a not-for-profit 501c3,  Dr. Barrow oversees the charity that is dedicated to the medical and physical health of children in need.

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