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Children's Books

"I think that exciting books with social and moral themes like

your and Harry Potter have the effect of improving the self-esteem of children."- Gerald Amada, author, psychologist

The Malia and Teacup Trilogy
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Book One

A self esteem building adventure series about a precocious young girl who finds a small puppy, responsibility, and the truth about her father. 9 yrs. old - adult.

Book Two

The next adventure for Malia and Teacup takes them to faraway Bhutan, known as Shangri-La, in the new book, Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. Fantasy creatures save Malia from blizzards and snow leopards. 9 yrs. old - adult.

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Book Three

Malia is kidnapped by Russian mink fur traders. Teacup and his ferret friend must save her. Grandpa's experiment goes very wrong. 9 yrs. old - adult.

Coming Soon
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A hilarious tale for every reader about Malia & Teacup encountering a monkey mom and her baby in Africa. 6 - 8 year-old readers.

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