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Individual therapy is a growth-orientated experience focused on moving the individual through past issues, current addictions and impediments forward toward a healthier and happier productive life.

By Appointment Only - $240/hour.


As children grow and marriages change or fail, or new step parents join with their children, many relationship strings begin to tangle and create conflict. Sometimes families need a little help to maintain peace, keep love and find forgiveness.

By Appointment Only - $240/hour.


A child needs to trust an adult before they can hear their advice. Working with children requires an absence of condescending or preachy words and a great deal of honesty and listening. 

By Appointment Only - $240/hour.


As women transition through their lives, their bodies change and so do their priorities. When overwhelmed and feeling ill, many women need the support and guidance to maneuver in their demanding social roles. Finding the courage and determination to be all that they can be is a thrilling adventure that requires strong will and the freedom to change.


Current patients may be entitled to service animal and comfort pet documentation. Patients with anxiety or disabilities have benefited from a comfort pet during travel and with other stressful environments.

For Existing Patients - Minimum $360


Phone Consultation

Dr. Barrow is licensed in the State of Florida. Telephone consultations are available for existing Florida-based patients. $240 for 55 minutes.

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