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📷 📷📷📷Welcome to the information library. Feel free to browse, e-mail to a friend or download these helpful and fun articles. 📷 Be sure to take the Match Lines Test to receive your relationship graph that gives incredible insight to enhance your relationship.📷📷📷📷📷📷

Relationships 📷

Just Say Hi Anjelica How do you feel when you are alone? Are you self-conscious and painfully aware that you are friendless? Do you imagine people are wondering why you are just standing there by yourself? Do your attempts to look like a thoughtful, independent professional-rather than a dateless wonder, seem artificial and make you cringe? Perhaps the following true stories will change the way you approach uncomfortable moments. 📷

Trust Again? Are you suffering with a deep gut ache wondering if you can trust this person? Does trust require a restriction of inquiry? Have you locked yourself into a damned if you ask and potentially damned if you do not ask quandary? Are you willing to risk damaging your relationship and hurting your partner's feelings? Will your inquiry prompt the inevitable response? "Now since you do not trust me I might as well do what you have accused me of doing!" How can you proceed with out making a mess of your relationship? 📷Communication Tips Licensed mental health counselor and author Dr. Molly Barrow writes about communication as an essential art for media personalities, business interactions and interpersonal relationships. Here are three useful communication tricks that may help to eliminate misunderstandings and mis-communications. 📷Change Talk: How to Make Change in Your Relationship Have you had it? Are you tired of the same routine that is increasingly stressful and less fun? Have you talked about making a change but another month passes and nothing changed at all? Here is how you can make some big changes that will put back the time, fun and intimacy in your strained relationship. These ten tips on Change-Talk will help transform your warring partner into a willing and involved team player. 📷 📷Parenting and Family 📷📷Adult Children Come Home to Heal Should you let an adult child come home again? Parents send their nearly grown children out to conquer the world and sometimes they bounce right back home. A parent's goal is to teach their child to survive the best and the worst that life has to offer. Most young people are able to maintain a level of existence, sobriety and relationships that sustain them until they really know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. 📷

Dad's Dozen Protects Children Fathers, take a moment to feel peaceful love for your children. Then, check out these crucial tips to make your child safer and protect your precious offspring from lurking danger. If your child is old enough to learn their ABC'S, then teach them their phone number instead including 1, area code and number. Beginning at age two, children need to know their first and last names, your first and last names and complete address, including your town and state. 📷

Parenting Pitfalls to Avoid with Compassionate-Child Parenting The process of learning parenting is rough on the first born. Inexperienced parents can have the best intentions and still make mistakes that have long range negative impact on their children. Child-Compassionate Parenting adheres to developmental stages and provides for the healthy personality to develop while maintaining parental control and reason. Here are ten parenting pitfalls to avoid. 📷To Grandmothers We Go Grandparents may have all the right intentions- however, the arrival of a toddler to their home can be overwhelming. Here are ten tips to help smooth the transition. 📷Ten Ways to Teach Your Child to Be Kind Kids do what you do, not what you say. Cruel adults usually begin their patterns of abuse as children with brutality to animals. Parents have an opportunity to instill kind behavior in their children by teaching the importance of a respectful relationship with people, pets and the planet. Protection and kindness are learned behaviors that parents can pass down to their children and grandchildren. Here are a few basics that can help teach a young child to be kind. 📷Pregnant Soldier An overwhelming problem in one person's life became the solution to loneliness in another's. The news that you are expecting a baby can be glorious or worrisome depending on the parent's age, financial situation or disposition to be a parent. Pregnancy can bring opportunity for great happiness and/or serious problems like birth defects, stress on relationships and strain on budgets. Here is how one young soldier found a solution through counseling. 📷Is Your Ex Coming to Visit Your Child? The childs needs are more important than your anxiety over the past. 📷Crisis Tips for Loved Ones Five ways to help a loved one in a crisis. 📷Twelve Tips to Help Burned-Out Toddlers Repair Mental Muscles No one has more need for self-control for his own protection than a young child does. However, toddlers are raw energy with few brakes and fewer breaks. The maturation process is slow and difficult. Here are twelve tips to help you be a better parent while your child learns self-control. 📷 📷Self Esteem 📷📷Children Who Are Different A body image that appears to be non-conforming can be a significant compressor of a child's self image. Anything that differs from society's "norm" such as being too short, too tall, too light, too dark, too little, too big, can be devastating emotionally. This is most damaging during the teen years. Appearances matter too much to children due to peer pressure and superficial values. 📷

📷Business 📷Stress Reduction Tips Our doctors and therapists warn that stress is the cause of many illnesses and reduces the quality of sleep, relationships and well being. Yet, how can you reduce stress without shirking your duties and responsibilities? Everyone dreams of running away to a French chateau as they are driving the carpool in heavy traffic. However, usually we do not need to change our lives drastically to make substantial improvements to our health and happiness. Here are six steps for type A personalities and overworked moms to use to reduce stress in their minds and their lives 📷Thinking About A New Job? Are you bored to distraction with your current career? One tip that may help you decide on a new direction for yourself is simply to walk around your home. Play detective and discover yourself. 📷Ten Tips To Workplace Noise Management Have you streamlined your business with innovative equipment and progressive training, yet, efficiency eludes you? Do you cringe when you hear the words human error? Is the cash register too quiet and the standard office operating procedure chaotic and unproductive? How can you make your business run smoother and demand optimum performance from your team without becoming more stressed yourself? Stress is your company’s worst enemy. The cost in health care, mistakes on the job, troubled family lives and unpleasant work environments often add up to lost revenues for your company. Take a moment to step back and incorporate some stress reducing techniques regarding noise at the workplace. These tips will help management be more successful with employees and employees more successful with customers. Stress-reduction will always help to improve your bottom-line numbers. 📷How to Commit and Make the Right Decisions Do you stand immobile at a fork in your career road? Do you feel ambiguous about your job, relationship or purpose? Here are some helpful tips to find the right path to solid psychological ground by Dr. Molly Barrow autor of Matchlines. 📷Talking Change: Ten Tips To Resoving Conflict in the Workplace Have you talked to your co-workers about making a change but another month passes and nothing changed at all? Here is how you can make successful changes that will put efficiency and comfort back in strained work relationships. These ten tips on Change talking tips will help transform your warring co-worker into a willing and involved team player. 📷Ten Ways to Get Unstuck from 3-D Doldrums Are you in your third decade and disillusioned, disappointed and disheartened at your career? Are you still in your “college” job that was supposed to be temporary? Do you use a credit card like a drug to make yourself feel better and then discover you cannot quit your dead-end job because you are in debt? After arriving into your twenties somewhat battered, filled with stale dreams and smarting from past rejections, your path to future success may elude you. Take a moment to review your possibilities. A happy ending is still possible. Here are ten ways to get unstuck from the 3-D Doldrums. 📷 📷Society 📷Stigmatizers Rob You of Your Life Are you overweight and lonely? Have you suffered from bullying, discrimination and exclusion? Are you only three years old? Stigmatization and discrimination are rampant in an obese American society. 📷

What's Your Burka? How do you allow others to design your short life on Earth? How far do you go in your dress to be considered good enough or deemed "appropriate?" Society loves to dictate to others old left over behaviors that are simply ridiculous. 📷

Hollywood Teen Out of Control What is it about fame that causes young people to self destruct? Too many famous Hollywood families have suffered the deaths of their children as a result of excess. 📷

Do You Have the Courage to Speak Up Against Domestic Terrorists? Many racist, selfish and greedy "domestic terrorists" operate on a philosophy that their immigrant relatives have more rights then another's immigrant relatives. Hate crimes, intolerance and prejudice is shifting to Mexican immigrants and distracting the American people from urgent work that needs to be done. A prolonged fight at home again is stupidity and a diversion from what really needs to change in America. 📷Can Powerful Women Be Righteous Women? However, public demeaning attacks of our most powerful women are gaining strength and need exposure. Jealousy and differing political postures alone would not generate this level of irrational and daily frenzied hatred directed at Laura Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. 📷Imus Laugh or Not? Was the national outrage because Imus was a newscaster with some political clout and high powered guests? Or was he a comedian who exposed his white boy attitude. 📷Global Warnings How often do you heed warnings? Have you noticed fixing errors later, rather than sooner, is really expensive? Complacent and egocentric Americans will eventually change light bulbs, buy fuel-efficient vehicles and bury coal emissions. The day will happen when American law says that we must or incur punishment with stiff fines, and probably not one day before then. 📷 📷Health 📷Psychological Impotency - How to Avoid it - How to Fix it The "American Male" role is a narrow and well-defined set of behaviors that govern men of all ages. Starting in childhood, homophobic parents and teachers use behavior modification to maneuver male children with rewards and punishments designed to make a man out of a child. Unfortunately, the tough, unfeeling model of the fifties portrayed so successfully by Lee Marvin, Brando , Newman and John Wayne fails miserably in real life scenarios of business, home, women and children. 📷

Post Traumatic Stress- What To Watch For! Has someone that you love experienced a traumatic event recently? Do you want to help them but you do not know how to begin? Here are ten ways to deal with post traumatic stress. 📷

📷Grief 📷Divorced But Not Over It? The divorce may be final but is the left over pain and anger still eating you up? Here are ten tips to help to process the hurt and get on with your life. 📷

Survive Love Grief In everyone's life, there is the one love affair that in spite of giving all that you have to the relationship, your partner still breaks your heart. The sharp jab to your belly and excruciating pain of abandonment is unique in its ability to incapacitate you and make you do regrettable blunders. The desperate attempts to save what you alone believe is a relationship worth saving produces humiliating encounters with your ex-love that hurt you even more. If your beloved happily moves on to a new love, you are left alone to wither and cry without the benefit of your lovers healing embrace. What can you possibly do to feel better? Here are five techniques to help you survive love grief. 📷

Missing Someone So Much It Hurts? Try The Brokenheart Stomp! When milestone days approach, a holiday, a birthday or deathday, do your emotions tumble downhill as you struggle with lonely, depressing efforts to hold back your feelings? Is the one you really want with someone else, or did he or she pass away, yet you hunger and yearn for whom is missing? Do you have to push away painful memories just to get through the day and that takes all your concentration and energy? The pain of heartbreak can be acute and overwhelming.

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